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Nikki Whiston is an established Hand Lettering Artist

working in a variety of styles using brush pens, inks, paint brushes and nibs.

In addition to custom lettering commissions Nikki shares her skills and knowledge

through a variety of calligraphy based workshops and coaching sessions.

My work includes

Modern Calligraphy Workshops  |  Window Art & Chalk Boards

In Store Promotional Customisation Events

Calligraphy logos  |  Wedding Stationary & Signage

Greeting Card Design  |  Lettering Commissions


Please get in touch via email if you would like to discuss any freelance work.


01 Portfolio

A quick view of what I do

I work with various lettering materials such as ink & nib, brush pens, paint pens and watercolour

and work on projects from live events to weddings and workshops.

I prefer to work by hand rather than digitally to achieve a natural look.



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